Gwendolyn Evans Gallery
“When I paint I aim to transcend mere representation to reach some truth. Broken bits of color, dark and light shapes come realistically, impressionistically, or abstractly. After five decades of working in many mediums, I’m still fascinated by each one’s unique traits. I love the transparency and radiance of watercolor, the impasto and translucency of oil, the pure vibrant pigment and soft edges possible with pastel. In this diversity, I search for one thing: truth, whether it appears as light or dark cast on an adobe wall or a nude’s thigh, or in the sometimes shadowed journey that is abstraction. The process is the same: Search for truth, create a solid composition, find a flow of contrasts and subtleties, radiant hues, a rhythm. Listen to what comes. Faithfully obey what is given to you to see and paint. Work relentlessly.” — Gwendolyn Evans

There are over 300 paintings in the gallery, each with custom, archival matting and framing; about a third are shown here.

Maine Paintings Ireland Paintings France Paintings
New Mexico Paintings Pennsylvania Paintings Still Life
Figures and Portraits Abstract Paintings Let_There_Be_Light
Gwendolyn Evans teaching art class

At Gwendolyn Evans Gallery, Bethlehem, PA, 2015